The Application includes preinstalled checklists, built in compliance with technical laws or guidelines, that lead the operator in the carrying out of the checks on equipment present inside the company.
It is, however, possible, through the web app, to create new checklists customized on the company needs (i.e., to carry out periodic controls on specific machines present in the production area)

The preinstalled check-lists are divided in macro-areas:

  • Fire

    fire extinguishers surveillance, hydrants, fire hoses, fire doors, emergency exits, sprinkler systems, etc.

  • First aid

    Periodical control of the first aid kit, defibrillator, showers and eye washers for chemical product contact etc.

  • Lifting equipment

    Overhead crane status surveillance, jib crane, forklifts, loading ramp, lifts (hooks, bands, chains, ropes, etc.)

  • Miscellaneous equipment

    Controls on other kinds of equipment, such as shelving, machines, lifelines, portable ladders, PPE

  • Biological

    Controls and interventions for legionellosis (i.e., thermic shock procedure) or periodical controls of air conditioning filters.

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